A dedicated passion for wellness and design can be found in all elements of Breo


Our products are rooted in philosophy, both traditional Chinese medicine and user experience design, merging the past with the future to provide simple, extraordinary experiences that improve day-to-day life for our customers.  

Our core belief is that every person needs to take the time to give back to themselves and the practice of relaxation. Meditation and massage is an effective, easy way to increase happiness and overall wellness for anyone.


We design every product to be easy to use, effective, and pleasing to the eye. Breo products are incorporated into everyday life, whether in travel, at home, or at work, and we want both the experience of use and the look of the product to bring joy.

Each of our products is designed for ease of use, effectiveness and to be pleasing to the eye. Breo products can be incorporated into everyday life, whether that be travel, home, or work life. We want both the experience and design of our products to spark joy.

Our dedication to design extends to our materials. Our team carefully considers every element of construction - from the fabrics we choose, to our product’s durability throughout travel.

Before we create a product, we always ask ourselves these questions: How will it be used? Where will our users be? What makes them feel comfortable? What will make the experience easy and enjoyable?

Through our many years of global business experience,
we have found that if we begin with the intentions of
excellent customer experience, the rest is simple.