iSee 4


by Breo-USA


Breo iSee4 Shiatsu Eye & Temple Massager uses intelligent, microprocessor-controlled air pressure, vibration, point massage and heat compress technology to knead, press and hot compress the forehead and temple area around the eyes.

Heat Compression

Up to 98F to 107F (35-42℃), the gentle heat helps to promote the healthy blood circulation, soothe the ocular muscles, reduce fatigue and muscular discomfort. Heating also helps to combat dry eyes, dark circles and puffiness.

Cupping rhythm and therapy

The cupping rhythm works in the ocular area to feel refreshed and renewed. Precisely placed magnets are engineered for balancing the autonomic nervous system and is believed to stimulate circulation energy to help calm the mind.

“Intelligent” air pressure

Precision engineered using sophisticated microchip programming, intelligent air pressure generates a soothing rhythm to accurately imitate shiatsu kneading to the ocular acupressure points.